Make Waves with ISLO I

What's the question? You can define it. How do you find the right information? You can research that. What's the answer? You can find the solution. Can you prove it? You can use the evidence you found.

Institutional Student Learning Outcome I: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Creative Thinking

Students will be able to define issues , problems, assumptions, or questions; collect relevant information in response to a question or issue; analyze and draw valid conclusions from statements, images, data, and other forms of evidence; and assess the consequences of their conclusions.

1.1 Define the issues, problems, assumptions, or questions being addressed.

1.2 Collect and analyze data and relevant information including that derived from different sources and alternative research.

1.3 Distinguish facts from opinions and biases.

1.4 Drawn insights from multiple reliable sources of information to create solutions to problems and identify possible consequences of those solutions.

1.5 Use valid evidence and sound reasoning to support conclusions drawn about issues, problems, assumptions, or questions.

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